​- Pricing is critical to the success of any sale. Our experience and discount structure

  guarantees you the highest dollar value for your items.

​- We attract over 40,000 potential buyers to our various web locations per month.

​- We have the TOTAL SOLUTION to your liquidation needs.



Presentation is the core of a successful sale. Items in the home are arranged when possible and if needed to showcase their qualities.
Advertising is key for a successful event. Key items are photographed and sales are advertised on multiple web locations including our website at, purchased ads on Facebook, and word of mouth, street directional signs, etc.

Whether downsizing or total liquidation, Alpha will be there to make your job easier.
We are known for our excellent service and quality client care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are being quoted a low price for others claiming to provide you with the same service as Alpha Estate Sales, ask them how they can afford to do the job for so much less.  Ask them about insurance, research, staging, marketing, experience and seasoned staff.  We provide nothing but excellent service.  Unlike other "estate sale" companies, we offer our customers charge card service and we take checks!  Now, may we help you?

Frequently Asked Questions
Q     I noticed several companies in the same business as Alpha Estate Sales but they have no one person named or history of their company.  How do you respond to that?

A     We are an open book.  Our owners and other members of our team are well known and out there so that you know who you are dealing with.  Beth Hanic (Seven Sisters Estate Sales), Dave Darby, Bob Baker and Gary Knight have been leaders or associates of this company for years.  

​Q     Another company has offered to do the sale for less money than your company.  They promise the same results.            How can they do this?

​A     Don't be fooled by low bidders.  If you need medical attention, wouldn't you go to a specialist? Alpha has a full time staff, our customers get 100% attention to detail.  We usually do not have 2 or 3 sales going on at one time, and if we do, we concentrate on giving each of our sales and clients the best service possible.  No hidden fees.  If they are charging you 75% less, then it stands to reason you are going to get 75% less service.   

Q     How will you advertise any sale you take to make sure the items are offered to the most people who might be interested in them?

A     This web site is viewed and visited by up to 10,000 visitors a month, we also place ads on other estate sale Internet sites such as (15,000 visitors), paid Facebook ads, plus we have a large email list we have developed with over 800 contacts.  No one else can offer you this coverage! 

Q      How long does it take to get the property ready to have a sale?

A      Once we have the contract and the key, we need approximately 2-3 weeks depending on the condition of the home or apartment. 

Q     Do I need to move out of my home? 

A     Absolutely not!  Although having an estate or downsizing sale in your home can be extremely invasive of your space and privacy, it can be accomplished while you live in the house.  We usually suggest an area for you to keep your personal items in that are not to be sold and the room locked at all times during the sale.  Large items that cannot be relocated in the "keep space" can be left where they site usually and marked "retained by family". 

Q      What do I need to do?

A       Decide on what you want to keep and get us a key, sign our contract and include any legal documents allowing you to sell, lets say, a relatives personal property. 

Q       Do I need to move the things I want to keep?

A         Usually large items you intend to keep can remain until after the sale.  Small  items need to be removed from house or secured in a room or closet.

Q        Do I need to clean out the drawers, closets, attic and storage rooms? 

A         No.  We prefer that you leave all that to us, for many times, clients throw away hundreds of dollars worth of antique and collectible items.  Photos and personal letters or files are not discarded but placed aside for you to dispose of or reconsider.

Q        Do I need to be at the sale?

A        We prefer the owner not be at the sale event or during pricing.  Seeing a loved ones belongings sold can be a very emotional experience.  

Q         What happens to the items that are not sold?

A         These are donated to a clean out company who take the items for no charge.  Most donated items fall into the "garage sale leftover" status.  We sell most everything of any value.

Q        Do I have to donate these items?

A         No.  You may keep them.  However, if you keep the items, it may interfere with our "cleaning out the house".  Some items may be left in the rooms where they were located as we do not relocate sofa beds and other heavy furniture items to garages.

Q        Do I have to pay any money up front?

A        Sometimes not, hoarder houses are the exception due to the amount of work involved. If a dumpster is needed to rid the house of "junk", the fee is deducted from the sale proceeds.

Q        When am I paid my portion of the proceeds?

A        In approximately two to three weeks after the closing of the sale. 

Q        Do I need any documents to show proof I am authorized to sell someone else's items?

A        Yes, we need to see a letter of testamentary or a power of attorney and have a copy of this document to file when you sign the contract agreeing to let Alpha handle the sale.

Q        There are several paintings signed by the artist.  Are these worth anything?

A        We thoroughly research all works of art to find their value.

Q         Is an Estate Sale an auction?

A         No.  We individually tag the items and the sale is open to the public in a two or three day event.

Q        Do people come into the house or apartment?

A        We often have a buyer/entry number system and allow only a limited number of customers at a time into the home.  When two leave two more are let in.

Q        What about small items of value, won't they be stolen?

A        We take extra care to place small valuables in showcases where buyers are assisted when they want to inspect an item.

Q        How long does the sale last?

A        We usually plan a three day event for best and highest sales volume. We begin on a Thursday afternoon at full price for 3 hours, Friday all day at full price in the morning and 25% discount in the afternoon.  On the Saturday of the sale (the last day) we sell items at 50% discount.  This discounting structure yields the seller the most money for all items.

A         Another estate sale company does a one day sale.  Why can't you do the estate sale in one day?

Q         A one day sale could prove to not be in a clients’ best interest.   We do not feel this yields the highest gross sales amount for our clients. Our customers are busy people, some can attend the Thursday afternoon event, others can only come on Friday or Saturdays. 

Q        Do you let anyone purchase items before the sale begins?

A        Absolutely NO early sales.  By not allowing early sales, our customers know if they are first in line, they have a shot at getting that item(s) they have been longing for often seen in our online Internet ads or emails.  


Who Is Alpha?

Established in 1983, Alpha is Huntsville’s oldest personal liquidation service company with the expertise that only years of accumulated knowledge and
experience can bring. 

Alpha understands that each client has different needs and we will work with you to make your job easier.​

​We work closely with attorneys and estate administrators for your downsizing needs and more.

Owners, Beth Hanic, Dave Darby with Estate Adviser's Bob Baker and Gary Knight (AL Auctioneer #1850), have decades of experience in liquidating fine antiques and collectibles. Our experienced staff and Alpha’s numerous part-time employees have been with us for years and are very knowledgeable about the estate liquidation process.



​​- Opening for business in 1983
- Staged Presentation
- 2 to 3 Day On-Premise Sale
- Extensive Advertising
- Central Staffed Check Out/Pay Area
- Highest Quality Client Care
- A Proven Pricing Structure
- Possible Auction Services for Select Items
- Remaining Odds and Ends may be Donated on Your Behalf