Col. Gary Knight #1850 AND BILLY BLANKENSHIP #2955

Huntsville's Oldest Estate Sale Company, Since 1983!

Alpha Estate Sales was formed in 1983, however, Bob Baker, the president of the company, has long been associated with the selling, appraising and collecting of antiques.  Bob began his career in 1970 when he opened a small shop in Chattanooga, Tn.  Relocating to Huntsville in 1975, he has continued his involvement in the antique business until today.  Around 1998 he and Gary Knight began their partnership in the company and continue today.  Gary is well versed in antiques as well as collectibles with his long term interest and eventually became the official auctioneer for the company.  Although we specialize in antiques, we also are well versed in the selling of used furniture and miscellaneous items found in every household.  Alpha also has a team of employees dedicated to making every sales event a positive experience for all involved. If others offer you estate sales service for less than Alpha, it only stands that you will be getting less service for your money!  We are the best.  Ask around.